Terms of use for User

By registering on ExpertConsultancy (consultancy.webquestionanswers.com) as a user/ subscriber/member you have agreed to all the terms & conditions mentioned below to use ExpertConsultancy. As a registered user you completely agree to the following things:

1. You understand that ExpertConsultancy is an expert online advice platform which connects it’s users to reliable experts for availing online advice, counseling, booking personal appointments. It could not be considered as an emergency/medical or suicide helpline at all. If you are going through any emergency situation, please contact the nearest available expert or helpline.

2. You completely understand and agree that the information provided by an expert here is for general informational purpose only and it should NOT be considered as a substitute for professional expert (medical, psychological or fitness advice) as complete physical assessment of an individual has not been done. Please consult your nearest doctor/expert before acting on it. The advice is also not valid for medico-legal purposes.

3. You understand that opinions / views and advice offered by experts on ExpertConsultancy are their personal opinions / views & advice. ExpertConsultancy does not guarantee accuracy and objectivity of it.

4. ExpertConsultancy is only a medium which connects users to experts and it does not solicit/ promote or authenticate experts/ their opinions/ views/ advice/ services in any way. Therefore, it is completely user’s/ subscriber’s responsibility that they should authenticate the validity of expert’s opinion/ views/ advice before acting on it.

5. ExpertConsultancy does not take guarantee for the accuracy of information/details/facts provided by it’s experts. The experts are solely responsible for the details/information/facts/images/audio-video content provided/published/posted by them on ExpertConsultancy as registered subscriber/member/expert. So, it is your responsibility to get assured about merit, eligibility and expertise of the expert before availing any kind of service (Online Advice, Counseling, Booking an Appointment) from them on ExpertConsultancy.

6. ExpertConsultancy assures you about confidentiality & secrecy of the information shared by you on the website about yourself while registering on ExpertConsultancy as user. We will not disclose your information to anyone that can reveal your identity in any situation except legal situations where we are bound to do so by the law of the land and in case of posting articles written by you on the website which does not hint at all about personal queries/ situations of yours.

7. Only the display name chosen by you will be used for all the actions (Sending your query to the experts & publishing advice articles on the website) being performed on ExpertConsultancy.

8. You are using ExpertConsultancy as a registered user/visitor on your sole responsibility. ExpertConsultancy will not be liable or responsible for any kind of loss occurred to you while using ExpertConsultancy or it’s services.

10. ExpertConsultancy does not promote any other service/activity/product which is not published/visible/available/shown on the website (ExpertConsultancy). Therefore, ExpertConsultancy will not be liable/responsible for any loss occurred to user/visitor while using/subscribing or making payments for products/services/subscriptions other than offered by ExpertConsultancy.

11. You are expected to check the service/product details, it’s offerings, commitments, terms and conditions offered on ExpertConsultancy on your end thoroughly before you avail/ subscribe/ book or make payment for the same as ExpertConsultancy will not be responsible/ liable for any kind of loss occurred to you once you availed/ subscribed or made payment for the same.

12. Every profile/content/advice/article/image/video published/produced on ExpertConsultancy is sole intellectual property of ExpertConsultancy even if it is written/produced or recreated by you. Therefore, you can not claim any such property or ask for removal of it from ExpertConsultancy.

13. The articles/advice published on ExpertConsultancy by our team, users and experts are completely their own views/ opinions/ thoughts and users are advised to cross check it’s validity on their own discourse as ExpertConsultancy does not guarantee objectivity, truth and authenticity of any such content on the website.

14. Your registration/ membership/ subscription is on sole description of ExpertConsultancy and it reserves all the rights to suspend/ hold or terminate your membership/ subscription/ registration without prior notice and giving reasons for the same.

15. Users are expected to maintain good conduct and dignified behavior while availing our online/offline services and having communication with ExpertConsultancy team, experts and others . In case of any indecency, misbehave or misconduct ExpertConsultancy reserves all the rights to take legal course of action against the user and block him from using the website (ExpertConsultancy) forever.

Terms of use for Expert

By registering on the website (ExpertConsultancy) as an expert you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned below. As a registered

expert/subscriber/member of India’s first online advice website you are agreed completely that:

1. You understand well that ExpertConsultancy is not an advertising, solicitation or promotional platform for the experts registered on the website. It doest not promote or endorse expert’s services or expertise in any way on the website.

2. You understand completely that ExpertConsultancy is only an online expertise which helps individuals/groups/organizations in reaching out to the right, reliable & authentic experts in various domains through a transparent and democratic expert’s listing/profiling procedure on ExpertConsultancy.

3. ExpertConsultancy does not guarantee it’s members/ subscribers/ experts any kind of lead generation/ revenue generation or business for their services/ expertise. It only helps them (subscribers/ members/ registered experts) in connecting with their right potential audience who might be looking for their services on the website (ExpertConsultancy) in form of online help (advice & counseling ) and offline connectivity (booking personal appointments). ExpertConsultancy takes a share of  20% of all revenue generated by the expert (advice, online consultation or appointments)

4. You understand that you will be offered services on ExpertConsultancy as per the subscription plan selected by you while registering on the website as a member/ subscriber/ expert. You will not claim services being offered to other experts as part of subscription plan chosen by them.

5. You will follow all the Expert’s Guidelines and code of conduct in a good spirit as an expert on ExpertConsultancy while your association with the website (ExpertConsultancy) and you will not try to promote/ solicit any other service or product to the users of ExpertConsultancy in any direct or indirect way of promotion/endorsement/influence/convincing other than listed on the website (ExpertConsultancy).

6. You understand that you are solely responsible for the truth and validity of all the details/facts/information/images provided by you about yourself, your education, your profession, your experience, your area of expertise, your contact details and any other details.

7. ExpertConsultancy will not be liable or responsible for any kind of forgery/illegal conduct/misinformation or infringement of copyright done by you as an expert on ExpertConsultancy.

8. ExpertConsultancy does not authorize it’s registered experts/subscribers/members to use it’s name (ExpertConsultancy), branding (logo) or credentials (digital, print, pictures or audio-video content) for their personal/ commercial purposes without valid written permission from the designated authority (CEO) of ExpertConsultancy.

9. You understand that all the digital, print, audio-video content/material (advice, articles, image, audio-video) generated/produced/exchanged on ExpertConsultancy as part of it’s online and offline services/ features/ programmes is ExpertConsultancy’s intellectual property only and ExpertConsultancy reserves all the rights to publish/solicit/promote/endorse/recreate or reproduce it in any form of content (digital, print, image, audio-video) on it’s sole discretion for any kind of solicitation/ endorsement and promotional purposes.

10. You understand that you do not have any right to use/solicit/ publish/recreate/reproduce or claim any content of ExpertConsultancy completely or partially even if you are part of that content in any way as registered expert/ subscriber on ExpertConsultancy. If you need any such activity, you will have to take consent from designated authority (CEO) of ExpertConsultancy and the authority reserves all the rights to refuse your request/ demand without giving any reason for it.

11. You completely understand that you do not have any right as a registered expert on ExpertConsultancy to claim or ask for removal of the content/advice/articles/stories/image/webinar/workshop material from the website (ExpertConsultancy) even after ending your association/subscription/membership with ExpertConsultancy as all the content is the intellectual property of ExpertConsultancy only and it reserves all the rights to use/ publish/ recreate/ reproduce all the content generated/ produced/ published during your association with ExpertConsultancy as an expert on it’s sole discretion.

12. ExpertConsultancy reserves rights to refuse any kind of demand and request placed by registered experts that does not suit/preserves commercial/branding interests of ExpertConsultancy without providing any reason.

13. ExpertConsultancy reserves all the rights to use expert’s name/ professional credentials/ expertise/ advice/ stories done by them as an expert on ExpertConsultancy.

14. ExpertConsultancy does not take any responsibility for user’s or expert’s conduct/ behavior while using it’s (ExpertConsultancy) platform.

15. Expert’s registration/subscription/membership/association with ExpertConsultancy as an expert for their concerned area of practice/expertise is on sole discretion of ExpertConsultancy and it has all the rights to refuse expert’s request for subscription/ renewal of subscription without providing any valid reason.

16. ExpertConsultancy reserves all the rights to suspend/terminate/end registered expert’s subscription/registration/association with ExpertConsultancy for a short duration or permanently without any prior notice to expert and without giving any reason for the same.

17. In case of suspension/ termination of expert’s subscription/ registration/ membership ExpertConsultancy reserves all the rights to reconsider or refuse the matter to reinstate subscription/ registration of the expert.

18. ExpertConsultancy expects all it’s registered experts to follow code of conduct as an expert in good spirit. In case of complaint from user or users against expert’s conduct/ services or behavior, ExpertConsultancy has all the rights to interrogate in the matter and authorized to take action against expert/ experts in form of monetary penalty/one sided suspension or termination of the registration/subscription as expert on ExpertConsultancy without any prior notice or communication.

19. ExpertConsultancy reserves all the rights to change it’s subscription plans and facilities for experts and no expert will be authorised to claim for the change services/facilities being offered by ExpertConsultancy.

20. You understand that ExpertConsultancy reserves all the rights to offer it’s services/subscription plans/ facilities on honorary or free basis to any individual/group/organization and no expert has right to challenge it’s decision.

21. ExpertConsultancy is authorized to make amendments in it’s privacy policy, terms of use policy as per it’s sole discretion and it is expert’s responsibility to keep him/herself updated on the same.

22. You understand that you are using ExpertConsultancy on your sole discretion and ExpertConsultancy will not be liable for any kind of loss occurred to you on this platform.