ExpertConsultancy has a 100% refund policy for all genuine cases which might fall in the following situations –

  • In case of delay in receiving expert answer in Premium Category in promised/ assured time.
  • If you could not avail services due to technical or human errors or unavoidable situations on our front.
  • In case your credit card/ debit card has been charged twice erroneously.

In all the situations you will have to contact our support team within 5 days from the date on which the transaction has occurred to claim your refund with relevant order no and transaction details mentioning the reasons for the claim. No claim will be entertained after expiry of 5 days from the date of transaction. Refund amount will be lesser by charges and taxes if any paid by the ExpertConsultancy. However the refund amount will not be lesser than the net amount received by ExpertConsultancy. Our Audit Team will go through your refund claim and cross check the validity of it with all the involved parties and if found genuine, we will process your refund asap.Please note, the evaluation of the audit team will be final. Any customer attempting to fraudulently request a refund will be blocked from using the website in future.

Kindly check out all the details of service/ product/ subscription thoroughly before making the payment for the same as we do not allow any partial or complete cancellation on the website in any situation.