Experts invited to Join Expert Consultancy

Ashok Goyal
February 19, 2017

Expert Consultancy invites established experts to join us. In the beginning experts will be allowed to join free of cost without payment of any subscription and the experts will be offering free consultancy for the initial period of six months. After the initial period of six months the Expert Consultancy will provide the opportunity to the existing experts and new joiners to provide paid consultancy to public in general. Team Expert Consultancy is on the job to provide secure payment gateway and the paid consultancy feature is likely to go live by 30th September,2017. Experts can, in the meantime make themselves familiar with the feature and grow their audiences, clients by providing free consultancy to get 5 star ratings from the user members of the Expert Consultancy.

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  1. Navneet Sood Navneet Sood says:

    I have joined as Expert and I have also remitted Rs.1500-00 for getting the “Verified Tag” along my profile name. What I want to know if I will have to pay Rs..1500=00 annually to continue using the verified tag or if the subscription amount paid by me is one time charges.

  2. Ashok Goyal Ashok Goyal says:

    Expert Consultancy charges one time out of pocket expenses of Rs.1500-00 from the experts for using the verified tag. Currently, out of pocket expenses is limited to Rs.1500-00 only but in future, say after 2-3 years, the out of pocket expenses may go up due to inflation. At that time we will allow the existing experts to use verified tag on payment of the difference in revised charges over and aboveRs.1500-00 already paid by them. We do not foresee any revision in the coming 3 years hence.

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