ExpertConsultancy is India’s first online portal, brought to you by Web Question Answers, launched with an intention to solve the intricate problems of general public especially the teenagers and younger generations. ExpertConsultancy has created a network of experts in various field like Health or Legal issues, Money or Banking, Astrology or Technology, Education or Career, Matrimonial and Match Making, Fashion or Beauty, Public Utilities and general personal problems. Experts from diverse fields, who can answer the questions of public in general in all age groups, can join ExpertConsultancy by registering themselves as verified expert. Some burning problems of today, which are not answered anywhere, are dealt minutely by our panel of experts to provide logical solutions.

Our team actually dealt the problems of the public through “Samadhan Kender” and it was found that there were issues related to Health or Legal issues, Money or Banking, Astrology or Technology, Education or Career, Fashion or Beauty on the one hand while on the other hand it was found that personal issues such as finding proper life partners, birth registrations and marriage registrations were the burning issues with the younger generations. ExpertConsultancy aspires to provide a strong and dependable outlet to the youngsters and teenagers where they can share their problems and seek genuine guidance from experts in diverse field having qualified experience in their respective areas. We stand for providing solution (Samadhan) to all your minor or major problems of any nature.

ExpertConsultancy believes that if there are problem, then there are solutions too but problems can be solved if the solution provider understands the problem deeply as if it is his or her own problem. is a solution too. Every problem has a solution similarly as there is no lock in the word whose key cannot be prepared.

Generally, no single person who can provide solutions to all the problems as every problem requires to be solved by an expert in the field to which problem relates. Moreover solution seekers hesitate to narrate their private problems online but the ExpertConsultancy provides a secured platform where people from all walks of life can share their issues without any hesitation or limitation. We promise to keep all your issues secret and your identity as anonymous. You can fearlessly narrate your worries and share it with our experts. You can not only solve your own problems but also help your friends and relatives to find solutions by sharing your experience with ExpertConsultancy.