Home Forums Personal Advisor How can I enroll for my 10 days old baby? Reply To: How can I enroll for my 10 days old baby?

Navneet Sood
Navneet Sood

Dear Kashish,

You need not worry as there is no compulsion of Birth Certificate for getting new born baby, even if he or she is 1 days old. Parents of the child need to have valid Aadhaar ID with latest address. Mother or Father of the new born baby can visit any Aadhaar Enrollment Center like Samadhan Kender along with child and original Aadhaar of either mother or father, whosoever visits the enrollment center. Some enrollment centers like Samadhan Kender have the facility of visiting operators, who can even visit the nursing home, where the delivery of the child took place. You can contact your nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center authorized by UIDAI.